There are over 30 different species of fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, with new ones being discovered all the time. Each species has its own unique characteristics that make it special, such as size, color, habitat, diet, and behaviors.

Even though fish are anĀ ingredientĀ for cooking, they’re tracked in a separate section of the collection window labeled ‘Fish’. The entry for each fish unlocks when they are first caught.

Casting anywhere into water can hook a fish, but specific (and more valuable) fish types can only be caught in ‘Pools’ which appear as ripples. Different colored pools denote rare potential fish.

The most popular fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley are tropical fish. These colorful creatures come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, from neon tetras to angelfish to clownfish. Tropical fish are also known for their friendly personalities and ease of care, making them perfect for inexperienced aquarists.

Other popular fishes include freshwater and saltwater species. Freshwater fish can be found in lakes and ponds near rivers, while saltwater inhabit coral reefs and the open ocean. Popular freshwater species include goldfish, guppies, and catfish; while popular saltwater species include lionfish, groupers, and eels.

Type Of Fishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Name Description
Anglerfish Bony fish with large mouths and sharp teeth!
Bass Bass can be found just about everywhere!
Bream Silver-hued fish common in mountain streams.
Carp A common freshwater fish.
Catfish A large fish with cat-like “whiskers.”
Cod A common fish that prefers cold water.
Crab A tough little crustacean with sharp claws.
Fugu These fish inflate themselves when threatened!
Herring These silver darlings travel in great numbers.
Kingfish A mackerel found in warmer ocean waters.
Lancetfish Long, slender fish with a large silver dorsal fin.
Lobster Larger than crabs, but still with sharp claws!
Perch A rare fish found only in a special spot.
Pike An olive green fish found in lakes and rivers.
Rainbow Trout Its unique scales give the fish its name.
Salmon A common fish found just about everywhere!
Seaweed A type of algae found in the ocean.
Shrimp Crustaceans that eat food off the ocean floor.
Sole A flatfish that is shaped like a tongue!
Squid Famed for their large heads and eight arms.
Swordfish This fish can really get its point across.
Tilapia A small fish often found in shallow rivers.
Tuna Large fish who make their home in the ocean.
Walleye Large brown fish found in fresh waters.
White Sturgeon These huge fish can live to be 100 years old!