There are certain quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley that require you to collect specific items, such as coal or cotton, catch particular fish, or forage for particular kinds of flowers. Because every ecosystem in this game features a one-of-a-kind collection of flora and fauna, it can be challenging to determine exactly where to look for specific elements. Because of this, the Flower Types Guide contains all of the information currently available regarding the locations of all flowers, the price they can be sold for, and what players can do to cause flowers to respawn.

Name Sell Price Location
Black Passion Lily  79  Frosted Heights
Blue Falling Penstemon  23  Plaza
Blue Hydrangea  28  Dazzle Beach
Blue Marsh Milkweed  48  Glade of Trust
Blue Passion Lily  56  Frosted Heights
Blue Star Lily  30  Forest of Valor
Dandelion  23  Plaza
Green Passion Lily  28  Frosted Heights
Green Rising Penstemon  35  Peaceful Meadow
Orange & Red Marsh Milkweed  66  Glade of Trust
Orange Houseleek  52  Sunlit Plateau
Orange Marsh Milkweed  33  Glade of Trust
Orange Nasturtium  60  Forgotten Lands
Orange Star Lily  43  Forest of Valor
Pink Bromeliad  27  Sunlit Plateau
Pink Houseleek  35  Sunlit Plateau
Pink Hydrangea  22  Dazzle Beach
Purple Bell Flower  30  Forest of Valor
Purple Falling Penstemon  23  Plaza
Purple Hydrangea  39  Dazzle Beach
Purple Impatiens  40  Forgotten Lands
Purple Marsh Milkweed  25  Glade of Trust
Purple Rising Penstemon  25  Peaceful Meadow
Red Bell Flower  23  Forest of Valor
Red Bromeliad  27  Sunlit Plateau
Red Daisy  48  Peaceful Meadow
Red Falling Penstemon  18  Plaza
Red Nasturtium  40  Forgotten Lands
Red Passion Lily  38  Frosted Heights
Sunflower  28  Dazzle Beach
White & Pink Falling Penstemon  41  Plaza
White & Red Hydrangea  54  Dazzle Beach
White Bell Flower  60  Forest of Valor
White Daisy  25  Peaceful Meadow
White Impatiens  30  Forgotten Lands
White Marsh Milkweed  33  Glade of Trust
White Passion Lily  38  Frosted Heights
Yellow Bromeliad  73  Sunlit Plateau
Yellow Daisy  20  Peaceful Meadow
Yellow Nasturtium  85  Forgotten Lands