Art Deco Minnie Poster


Furniture items are decorative items that can be placed in the players house and outside in the biomes of Dreamlight Valley.

Furniture is bought from Scrooge McDuck at Centennial Star Path (T3) Store, there is a set of basic furniture which can always be ordered by speaking to  Scrooge McDuck while in the Store, and other Furniture items appear on a daily rotation, Furniture items can be ordered directly once bought in the store.

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Art Deco Minnie Poster is a Mickey & Friends Theme Furniture. It is a Décor Type Furniture.

You can place it by Using Furniture Placement Mode. You can purchase it from the Centennial Star Path (T3) For the price of 2,720 Coins. After getting it will be added to your collections.

Art Deco Minnie Poster

FromCentennial Star Path (T3)
Event Cost30
Rewarded From