In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the term “ingredient” refers to a wide variety of foodstuffs that, when combined in a saucepan, can be used to prepare delectable meals using a range. This IGN wiki guide provides a comprehensive listing of all of them, including information on where to find them, how much they cost, how long it takes to grow them, and a great deal more!

There are ‌six sub-categories under the ingredient section in the Collection’s menu in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is easy for players to find out where every ingredient is located, how much energy it rewards, and its value in Star Coins.

  •  Vegetables
  •  Fruit
  •  Grains 
  • Dairy and Oil 
  • Spices 
  • Sweets
  •  Ice
  •  Seafoo
  • Fish
Name Category Buy Price Sell Price Grow Time Location Sources
Asparagus  Vegetables  200  133 2h 15min  Frosted Heights  Asparagus Seed
Bell Pepper  Vegetables  50  33 15min  Forest of Valor  Bell Pepper Seed
Carrot  Vegetables  66  44 15min  Peaceful Meadow  Carrot Seed
Chili Pepper  Vegetables  117  78 45min  Sunlit Plateau  Chili Pepper Seed
Corn  Grains  24  16 12min  Dazzle Beach  Corn Seed
Cucumber  Vegetables  239  159 1h 15min  Frosted Heights  Cucumber Seed
Eggplant  Vegetables  462  308 3h  Frosted Heights  Eggplant Seed
Leek  Vegetables  464  309 2h  Forgotten Lands  Leek Seed
Lettuce  Vegetables  12  8 3min  Peaceful Meadow  Lettuce Seed
Mushroom  Vegetables n/a  30 n/a  Glade of Trust  Foraging
Okra  Vegetables  171  114 2h  Glade of Trust  Okra Seed
Onion  Vegetables  255  170 1h 15min  Forest of Valor  Onion Seed
Potato  Vegetables  189  126 35min  Forgotten Lands  Potato Seed
Pumpkin  Vegetables  996  664 4h  Forgotten Lands  Pumpkin Seed
Spinach  Vegetables  62  41 60min  Glade of Trust  Spinach Seed
Tomato  Vegetables  33  22 25min  Dazzle Beach  Tomato Seed
Zucchini  Vegetables  78  52 40min  Sunlit Plateau  Zucchini Seed
Apple  Fruit  50  25 20min  Trees in the  Forgotten Lands and Plaza
Banana  Fruit  58  29 23min  Trees in the  Peaceful Meadow and  Dazzle Beach
Blueberry  Fruit  58  29 23min  Bushes in the  Forest of Valor and  Dazzle Beach
Cherry  Fruit  83  42 33min  Trees in the  Forgotten Lands and  Sunlit Plateau
Coconut  Fruit n/a  42 33min  Trees in the  Dazzle Beach After  Burying the Eel
Gooseberry  Fruit  100  50 40min  Bushes in the Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands
Lemon  Fruit  67  33 27min  Bushes in the  Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust
Raspberry  Fruit  21 17min  Bushes in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow
Rice  Grains  92  61 50min  Glade of Trust  Rice Seed
Wheat  Grains  3  2 1min  Peaceful Meadow  Wheat Seed
Butter  Dairy and Oil  190  190 n/a  Chez Remy After  A Restaurant Makeover
Canola  Dairy and Oil  164  109 35min  Forest of Valor  Canola Seed
Egg  Dairy and Oil  220  220 n/a  Chez Remy After  A Restaurant Makeover
Milk  Dairy and Oil  230  230 n/a  Chez Remy After  A Restaurant Makeover
Peanut  Dairy and Oil  200  200 n/a  Chez Remy After  Remy’s Recipe Book
Soya  Dairy and Oil  104  69 1h 30min  Sunlit Plateau  Soya Seed
Basil  Spices n/a  25 n/a  Peaceful Meadow  Foraging
Garlic  Spices n/a  60 n/a  Forest of Valor  Foraging
Ginger  Spices n/a  100 n/a  Forgotten Lands  Foraging
Mint  Spices n/a  80 n/a  Frosted Heights  Foraging
Oregano  Spices n/a  20 n/a  Plaza  Foraging
Cocoa Bean  Sweets  75  38 30min  Trees in the Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust
Sugarcane  Sweets  29  19 7min  Dazzle Beach  Sugarcane Seed
Vanilla  Sweets n/a  60 n/a  Sunlit Plateau  Foraging
Slush Ice  Ice  150  150 n/a  Chez Remy After  The Unknown Flavor
Clam  Seafood n/a  45 n/a  Dazzle Beach  Foraging
Oyster  Seafood n/a  250 n/a  Dazzle Beach  Foraging
Scallop  Seafood n/a  50 n/a  Dazzle Beach  Foraging