Gray Lined Double-Diamond Tile Flooring

Gray Lined Double-Diamond Tile Flooring is a Non themed flooring. You Can get it from Scrooge’s Store.

To use this wallpaper you first need to unlock customize feature for your house. To unlock and customize your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley you just need to complete the first couple of quests from Merlin. He will then meet you at your house and introduce you to the Forgetting. Once you clear your house of the vines, you can customize it with the items you have.

To decorate, go inside your home and open up your inventory. Once open, choose the “Furniture” tab, and you will see all the categories. You can even view the home from various angles to better understand how your decorating looks. Once you collect this item it will be applied to your house from furniture placement mode.

Name Of Flooring Gray Lined Double-Diamond Tile Flooring
Theme Non
Cost 2000
From Scrooge’s Store

Other Tips For Floorings

How to Clean the Dirty Floor in Your House

The floors in the homes that players own in Disney Dreamlight Valley cannot be cleaned, as a matter of fact. However, players are able to alter the type of flooring that is present in their homes, thereby removing the Broken and Dirty Tile Flooring that is installed at the beginning of the game.

How to Change Floors in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To change floors in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to enter their home and open up their backpack with the Y button (Xbox), which is the Triangle button on PlayStation, and the X button on the Nintendo Switch.

After that, proceed to the lower level, where the furniture is located. This will demonstrate to players the extensive variety of furniture types that are available in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Proceed to scroll down until you reach the Floors category, and then select the option that corresponds most closely to the aesthetic of your house. After players have selected a level that they are satisfied with, go to the main menu of the game and save their progress there.

Tip:- Players can undo any furniture selection by pressing on the left bumper.