Disney Dreamlight Valley is home to a variety of critters, each with their own unique characteristics and behaviors. The most common animals that call this area home are bobcats, deer, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, squirrels and bats.

These small animals can be interacted with, and when fed food will offer rewards. Each critter has a favorite food, and feeding them that specific food will trigger a friendship effect and log it into your collection. Critters also have a chance to drop valuable items when fed their favorite foods.

Each critter species has a number of color variants, but species area and favorite food is the same across all colors of a critter. Different colors appear on different days, so filling in the critter collection will take some time while waiting for each color to appear.

List OF All Critters

Name Location
Emerald Sunbird  Sunlit Plateau
Golden Sunbird  Sunlit Plateau
Orchid Sunbird  Sunlit Plateau
Red Sunbird  Sunlit Plateau
Turquoise Sunbird  Sunlit Plateau
Black Squirrel  Plaza
Classic Squirrel  Plaza
Gray Squirrel  Plaza
Red Squirrel  Plaza
White Squirrel  Plaza
Blue Crocodile  Glade of Trust
Classic Crocodile  Glade of Trust
Golden Crocodile  Glade of Trust
Pink Crocodile  Glade of Trust
Red Crocodile  Glade of Trust
White Crocodile  Glade of Trust
Black Rabbit  Peaceful Meadow
Brown Rabbit  Peaceful Meadow
Calico Rabbit  Peaceful Meadow
Classic Rabbit  Peaceful Meadow
White Rabbit  Peaceful Meadow
Blue Raven  Forgotten Lands
Brown Raven  Forgotten Lands
Classic Raven  Forgotten Lands
Red Raven  Forgotten Lands
White Raven  Forgotten Lands
Black Sea Turtle  Dazzle Beach
Brown Sea Turtle  Dazzle Beach
Classic Sea Turtle  Dazzle Beach
Purple Sea Turtle  Dazzle Beach
White Sea Turtle  Dazzle Beach
Black Fox  Frosted Heights
Blue Fox  Frosted Heights
Classic Fox  Frosted Heights
Red Fox  Frosted Heights
White Fox  Frosted Heights
Black Raccoon  Forest of Valor
Blue Raccoon  Forest of Valor
Classic Raccoon  Forest of Valor
Red Raccoon  Forest of Valor
White Raccoon  Forest of Valor