Chocolate-Covered Strawberry-Vanilla Cake Wall

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry-Vanilla Cake Wall is a Wreck-It Ralph themed wallpaper. You Can get it from Scrooge’s Store.

To use this wallpaper you first need to unlock customize feature for your house. To unlock and customize your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley you just need to complete the first couple of quests from Merlin. He will then meet you at your house and introduce you to the Forgetting. Once you clear your house of the vines, you can customize it with the items you have.

To decorate, go inside your home and open up your inventory. Once open, choose the “Furniture” tab, and you will see all the categories. You can even view the home from various angles to better understand how your decorating looks. Once you collect this item it will be applied to your house from furniture placement mode.

Name Of Wallpaper Chocolate-Covered Strawberry-Vanilla Cake Wall
Theme Wreck-It Ralph
Cost 10000
From Scrooge’s Store